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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2013)
  • Genre: MMOTPS
  • Developer: Digital Extremes
  • Publisher:¬†Digital Extremes
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Warframe is a co-op MMOTPS developed by Digital Extremes, the makers of the Darkness 2. The players take the role of the Tenno, an ancient warrior race which recently awakened. Needed by other races, they now must master their warframes once again to fight against the Grineer, an aggressive race with a vast army and a massive empire.

The gameplay revolves around battles. As Tenno are the only playable race, players have to fight against NPCs. Most missions are about killing the Grineers, Corpus or Infested and completing challenges. Players can do this in groups or alone as both is provided by the game even though it is mostly a co-op game.

The game comes with a little cash shop, but everything provided there can also be obtained in the game.

The warframes or also called battle suits can be collected and customised. The developers release now and then new warframes or objects to customise them further. But not only the look, but also the functionality differs between the battle suits. Depending on the missions, different battle suits could be more helpful than others.

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  • Warframe Excalibur

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