Vikings: War of Clans

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Game Features

  • Status: Released (2015)
  • Genre: Browser-based MMORTS
  • Developer: Plarium
  • Publisher: Plarium
  • Platforms: PC, Android, iOS

In Vikings: War of Clans, the player takes over a village that is on the brink of destruction. As the new Jarl, the player orders around his ruthless warriors to build a magnificent village and to create a fearsome army. With the nearly destroyed village, his first task will be to build up the village. It is completely up to him how he wants to build the village. But there are also some guiding quests which show how it is done. It is a good way to get even new players into the game. But also for the experienced players, there is something good about those quests. They provide everyone with additional resources to build up the village even faster.

To rebuild the town, the Warriors have to collect precious resources. The more resources they can gather the better. There are four different resources. Those are wood produced by lumber mills, stone produced by stone quarries, iron produced in mines and food produced by farms. After building them, upgrading is the way get even more. But a powerful Jarl doesn’t have only one way to obtain valuable resources. Building an army and attacking nearby villages will also yield some resources and honour. And to be honest, the time of Vikings was one harsh one, so only the strongest will survive.

To become the greatest Jarl, everyone continuously competes with each other to earn the most honour and to slaughter their enemies. This can be done with a vast amount of troops. In Vikings: War of Clans we get all kinds of troops for the battle on land or water. The time of the Vikings is known for their strong fighters and fast ships. There are, for example, the simple warriors, archers and cavalry together with war machines like Catapults. A good mix is always recommended. It also depends on the situation as some units have more value than the others.

On their way, the players can join a clan or create their own one. As the game’s name suggests, it is a crucial feature of Vikings: War of Clans. Together with other Jarls, they can fight in clan wars to show the might of the clan. How the player interacts with other Jarls is up to him. He can either attack them and take what he needs, or he can set up trading routes with other players. It might be wise not to wage war with every player as a strong alliance can be helpful.

Of course, no war can be won without knowledge. Confucius already taught us this. So, it is important to do research to further enhance the village and the might of the army. The Oracle harkened to the player’s supplication and shared its sacred Knowledge to ease the player’s burden. Studying diligently, the player will be able to increase the might of his Town and army to vanquish all foes. True power lies not only in vast armies but sound decisions. Knowledge can be as sharp as any sword if wielded correctly.

The game has a nice graphic compared to his rivals. The village is situated in a beautiful bay with a greatly animated waterfall. Every animation is detailed. This can be seen especially with all those troops a player has. You can see some of them train in your base and the sound of the swords adds to the ambient. Even the world map is nicely done and clearly arranged. This makes it easier to plan attacks.

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