Throne: Kingdom at War

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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2016)
  • Genre: Strategy MMO
  • Developer: Plarium
  • Publisher: Plarium
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

Throne: Kingdom at War is a strategy MMO. It is set in the fictional Kingdom of Amaria, where players build up their own towns and armies. In big clan-based wars, they battle against each other to climb onto the throne.

The player starts with a neglected kingdom. It is his duty bring it to new glory. With some time and enough determination, he builds and upgrades his kingdom until it rivals others. On his piece of land, he can build a couple of different buildings. He can decide which one he wants to build. In the tutorial, he gets, of course, some suggestions what would be best to build. Those buildings are divided into three different categories. First of the buildings that are unique and mostly already there. Those are, for example, the wall, palace, and Academy. After this comes the production buildings. Those are Barracks, Houses and Infirmary. Last but not least, there are the small resource buildings. Those are Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry and Mine.

Over the course of the game, the player is provided with a lot of quests. Those quests show the player the general direction and reward him with resources and other useful things. Next to quests, players can do some errands every day which work the same way as daily quests and give the players some experiences and resources.

Players can group together in Orders. There, they can help each other building their structures and doing guild quests. Each action provides guild points that can be used in the guild store to buy different benefits. After upgrading the Order buildings, the players can participate in Order raids and battles against other Orders.

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