Forge of Empires

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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2012)
  • Genre: MMORTS
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Publisher: InnoGames
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • 2013 Winner MMO Award in Best Strategy Browser MMO

Forge of Empires begins in the Stone Age and follows all the way up to the present and even beyond that point.

Players start with a few buildings and a little tutorial that teaches them the basics of the game. Afterwards, the real game begins, and the player can start building his village. Apart from normal buildings, he can collect blueprints for so-called great buildings through different means. Those buildings are well-known architectural Accomplishments like the Tower of Babel or the Colosseum. They are bigger in size and give the player special bonuses to perform even better in collecting gold and tools or provides additional residents. The area, where the player can build, is at first restricted and can be expanded over time.

In Forge of Empires, it is possible to join Guilds. Players can support each other with gifts. Additionally, there is the guild war map, where they can fight for territories. Those give special guild points over the time that help unlock guild bonuses. But guilds can also unlock them without the guild wars. They can either wait as time gives guild points, build special structures that give guild points, or they can fight and trade in the guild expeditions. Players can test their skills there against ai-controlled enemies. Those enemies become stronger the further one advances.

The game has many social features next to the guild. Players can befriend each other, helping each other with gifts or plunder others. The same can be done with players in the same group. Those groups change as the player advances in the scoreboard. This helps players not to be left out of helpful features. Such an important feature is, for example, the assist in constructing the great buildings. The five players that contributed the most when such a building levels, get some Forge Points and Blueprints of this building. Forge Points can be used to research technologies to go up in the stages of history or can be contributed to those great buildings to get even more Forge Points and Blueprints.

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