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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2015)
  • Genre: MMORTS
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Publisher: InnoGames
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Elvenar is an MMORTS from InnoGames. Its setting is an exotic fantasy world. The game is all about building a city and conquer the surrounding provinces.

At the start, the player can choose between Elves and Humans, which influences the look of the buildings. The buildings of elves are rather aesthetic and lively. In comparison to that are the buildings of humans in an engineering and medieval look. But apart from the looks, there are no benefits in deciding for either of them. Afterwards, the player goes through a quick, intuitive tutorial that shows him the basics.

Starting the real game, the player can choose what he want to build in his city. He can choose the way to lead his city to a flourishing era. Quests help him with a possible direction and many quest rewards. From time to time, there are additional Quests during events. Those give special rewards like buildings that give more benefits than the regular ones. Every building can also be upgraded. That way they grow and bring in more resources or residents.

The game encourages the player to explore the surrounding to find benefits like additional land expansions and relics. Those relics help to unleash the true production potential of a city. There are different types of relics and each boost a specific resource.

Of course, there is also a guild feature in Elvenar called Fellowship. Players can support each other with fee-free trades. They can write with each other and compete together in tournaments collecting tournament points to unlock a lot of rewards. There are also little gifts waiting for the player while helping other players. Apart from some gold and a better production, a player can find chests which can even give those little relics every player is longing for.

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