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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2016)
  • Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter
  • Developer: Yager Development
  • Publisher: Grey Box
  • Platforms: PC, PS4

Dreadnought is a 3D Sci-Fi themed MMO third person shooter. Players fight in spaceships against each other in intense battles. Due to the different sizes of the ships, it is highly encouraging to play strategical and work properly with your team.

Players can choose between five different types of spaceships in Dreadnought. There are the Dreadnoughts, the Artillery Cruisers, the Destroyers, the Tactical Cruisers and the Corvettes. Every type has its own pros and cons like the Dreadnoughts that are very slow but have the best armour. Depending on the player’s playstyle he has to choose wisely. Afterwards, he can collect different ships of each type and enhance them further with additional weapons and modules. There are three different modules to do so. The class-specific primary modules which give powerful boosts. The secondary modules which complement the player’s playstyle and the internal modules which boost things like engine, give teleport or conceal the ship. There are even some customization possibilities with different coatings, patterns and decals.

When the player has his ship, he can participate in intense team fights. It is very important to utilise the team’s strengths while taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness. Only through tactical fights and a good planning, players can achieve victory. At the end of each battle, there are great rewards waiting for the winners. They can unlock new ships, get new modules and other rewards to strengthen their ships even further.

Player’s can also buy ships with real money in Dreadnought. They are called Hero Ships and they instantly unlock the fleet level (Veteran or Legendary) they belong to. Even though it gives a nice boost at the beginning it is not really an advantage. All players can unlock the parts necessary to build such a ship. It just gives an already pre-configured, specified ship that can go right into action and wreck havoc among enemies if the player can handle the ship.

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