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Game Features:

  • Status: Released (2007)
  • Genre: MMOFPS
  • Developer: Smilegate
  • Publisher: Z8Games
  • Platforms: PC

CrossFire is a fast-paced, tactical MMOFPS created by SmileGate. It comes along with some nice features and tries to stir up the known shooter genre. Players fight as a soldier of one of over 25 different mercenary groups or other elite teams. During the game, the player can select from a wide variety of game modes and gets some nice loot after the matches.

Normally, the player can only select from a handful of game modes at best. On the one side, there is Counter-Strike, which has only two modes in general. On the other hand, players can enjoy a huge amount of different game modes in CrossFire. Currently, there are 29 different game modes. Those game modes pit us against other players, bot, mutants and zombies. Some of the more classic game modes are the Death Match, the Search & Destroy or a Free For All. The more unique game modes include Shadow Mode, Zombie Mode and Sheep Mode. The Shadow Mode, for example, pits together the Shadows from Black List and soldiers from Global Risk. While the soldiers have to eliminate the Shadows, the Shadows can turn the soldiers into allies at the ned of a turn. The winner is the team with more team members. The Sheep Mode pits together Soldiers and sheep. But those aren’t normal sheep, but super sheep who might do some damage to the surrounding if the soldiers can’t catch them fast enough. Depending on the performance, players can earn experience points to rank up in their forces. This gives them several titles as well as other benefits.

Players can customise their characters through level ups as well as the in-game store, where they can buy weapons, skins or cosmetics for money. In CrossFire, there is one thing for sure. If other games have a short come of weapons sometimes, CrossFire definitely doesn’t have it. There are a few hundred weapons in the game. They are separated into main weapons, secondary weapons, close-combat weapons and throwing weapons. Those main categories are further separated into subcategories, like shotguns, machine pistoles, and heavy machine pistoles. Each subcategory has roughly 100 weapons. And it doesn’t end there. If a player likes to collect, he has even more to do. Every weapon has different skins and modifications. So there is plenty to do before one can say that they have everything in the game. To get everything, players have to get a great performance in different maps, but also a visit to the in-game shop might be interesting but not necessary. Most of the things are available through playing the game.

The gameplay tries to be as close as possible to realism. While players are roaming the area, they get a high-powered sense of realism in Movement, Weapons, Characters and Environment. The weapons in CrossFire range from machine guns over assault rifles to sniper rifles. Every weapon also exists in a real-life version. Even though, the developers put a focus on those details the performance of the game is great. It might not have the newest graphics and best light effects, but the client is very small. It doesn’t need much space and also has very low requirements to run smoothly on every PC. With this, it appeals to a bigger community, because everyone can play it without upgrading their PC like crazy.

CrossFire is currently one of the most played free MMOFPS. The servers are always full so that a player doesn’t have to wait forever for a new match. The chances are also rather small to meet the same enemies over and over again. This also applies to player’s team if they fuck up his great game as always.

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